Built by racers for racers

Built by Racers, for Racers

Racers know what racers need, which is why FireCore50 Spark Plug Wires are built for racers, by racers. This is also why they have proven to be trusted by the highest level of racers in the world.


Hand Assembled

Each set is assembled by qualified technicians, they hand-cut each lead to establish precise measurements, hand assemble the boots to provide accurate indexing of the terminals and crimp all terminals using a machine press to insure a consistent crimp, every time.

Made in the USA

FireCore50 Ignition Wires are manufactured and assembled in the USA. We’re always available, whenever you call our customer service, you will always speak to a qualified technician with experience on a wide variety of engine platforms.

FireCore 50 Wire Diagram

FireCore50 Wires are Different…

  • 50 Ohms of resistance per foot
  • Continuous Braided Aramid fiber high inner strength
  • Consistent ohms rating throughout wire
  • 100% Impregnated core of Ferrite molecular compound to absorb RF/EMI
  • 3.5′ Copper/Nickel alloy winding used for superior flow
  • High temperature silicone FIRST coat used over core
  • 100% Silicone inner dielectric barrier
  • Ultra high temperature/high wear resistant 100% Silicone outer jacket