FireCore Ignition Wire Installation Instructions

Replacing spark plug wire sets can be a simple job, if you take things one step at a time.  Given a basic understanding of mechanical matters, here’s a guide to the proper procedures in changing your wires.

  1. Spread the new wires out flat and arrange them from the longest to shortest length.
  2. On distributors using a wire retainer ring, lift off the wire retainer, keeping all wires attached to the retainer. Remove wires one at a time from retainer ring and put them back on the exact distributor tower from which each was removed.
  3. Remove the longest spark plug wire from the vehicle first. Grasp boot, NOT wire. Twist slightly to break seal, and then pull straight away from the spark plug with a steady even pull.
  4. Select the longest spark plug wire from the new FireCore 50 TM wire set.  Be careful to distinguish the spark plug boot from the distributor nipple.
  5. Put a small amount of Dielectric grease into the end of each boot.
  6. Grasp the spark plug boot.  Firmly push terminal and boot over spark plug until securely engaged.
  7. Route the new spark plug wire through the same path as the old wire.  All original equipment looms, retainers and heat shields should be re-used unless new components are included in the wire set.  ALWAYS ROUTE AND INSTALL THE WIRES SO THEY WILL NOT TOUCH EXHAUST MANIFOLDS, LINKAGES, GEAR BOXES, ETC.
  8. Push the distributor end of new spark plug wire onto distributor cap until firmly seated. NOTE: If your set has male connections on the distributor &/or coil end of the spark plug wire, you may need to “burp” the boot to ensure there is a positive connection into the cap or coil. To do this, simply pinch the side wall of the boot as you are pushing it into the cap or coil; to release trapped air pressure. This will allow for a proper connection.
  9. Repeat above steps with each wire, always working with the longest remaining wire.  CAUTION: To prevent cross fire, be sure that wires DO NOT run parallel, but run across each other somewhere between the plug and the distributor.
  10. After all leads are installed, re-check the wire routing.  Re-route any wires that come into contact with any linkage or moving engine part or with the exhaust manifold.